Friday, January 16, 2009

Stone Mountain Christmas

For the last three years, Eric and I have gone to visit Stone Mt during Christmas. I suppose it is becoming one of our own personal family traditions. This year we invited our friends Josh and Amanda to go with us.

The 'Christmas theme' part of the park opened at 6pm each night, so on the Saturday before Christmas we drove down and got to the park around 6:45 or so...and apparently half of the city of Atlanta had the same idea we did...After waiting in traffic off the exit for about 30 minutes we found out that the park was already at capacity and they were not admitting any more cars that night. I was quite disappointed, but in hindsight, glad we did not get in on Saturday night. I have been at the park when it was crowded (4th of July) and it was misery...too many people!

We gave it another try on Sunday afternoon after church and we actually got in. The park wasn't crowded at all actually. It was COLD though...we had to bundle Laura up in her snow suit when we rode the train. :)

Laura and Josh
3-D Polar Express

Josh and Amanda
Eric and Laura watching the 'snowfall' and fireworks at the end of the night

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