Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy 1yr Anniversary!

Happy anniversary (Dec 16th) to my sister Amy and her husband Cody!

I love you!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dr's Appt Update

We had a drs appt on Tuesday. Everything looked great with the baby...We had another ultrasound done and they were able to see everything in the stomach area that they were not able to see last time.

The not-so-great news was that I had my one hour glucose test and my numbers came back a little on Monday I have to do a 3 hour test at the Dr's office. I think I'm going to feel like a pin-cushion by the end. I'm hoping I don't have Gestational Diabetes...but if it does come back positive, I'll do whatever I have to do.

Saying no to all those Christmas desserts is going to be a challenge though! :)

Oh yeah, we have also officially decided on....Laura Grace Nelken. Its so nice to have finally have a name picked out!

Introducing....Laura Grace Nelken

Monday, December 3, 2007

View from our room when we checked in...

Downtown Gatlinburg after dinner

In Asheville,NC on a trailSunset views on the way the Blue Ridge Parkway...

Gatlinburg, TN

Apologies for the delay in updating...I only have a few seconds to post today during lunch, but wanted to post some new pics...Eric and I went on a mini-vacation last week to the Gatlinburg area...we had a great was nice to get away for a few days! I'm also posting a couple of pics of some Christmas decor at the house....Enjoy!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Give Thanks...

2007. It’s been a wonderful year, full of answered prayers and dreams come to fruition, and a contented peace with those prayers which have not yet been answered. The older I get, the more I see loss around me, the more I experience it personally, the more near-misses I am made aware of, the more I am absolutely convinced that it is a complete waste not to live life moment by moment, appreciating all that has been given in that moment.

I think it’s natural to long for what used to be, for what has passed, for what has been lost. But a person who consistently takes notice of all that is being given, who has the presence of heart and mind to say thank you, not only to God, but to the people around him, knows a different kind of longing than the person who takes it all for granted, who thinks of life’s gifts as permanent, who is never really conscious of what he holds right in his hands until it vanishes. A person who is present to their world and to the people around them has the peace of knowing that, were they to live it all over again, they’d probably do it much the same. There’s no if only I would’ve… only an "I’m so glad I did…"

None of it is owed us. All is a gift. And what a gift it is.

We are leaving tonight to start our Thanksgiving family visits. I am so excited to be going home. I didn't realize until I started to write, but I am a bit homesick, I suppose. Not in the sense that I wish I was back in Eastman, but its more of a longing for my family--for the love and support and encouragement they are to me...even when they don't realize it...I am ready to go home! We are staying in Eastman tonight through Thursday evening and then driving to Augusta to celebrate with Eric's family until Saturday. We are also going to pick up our changing table from their house and bring it back...I'm excited to start putting the furniture in the nursery!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving this year---slow down and appreciate all the blessings God has given you...Appreciate your friends and family a little more. Although it seems like people will always be around, although it seems like there’ll always be ample time for being together (not just existing in the same proximity, but really, truly being together)… the truth is, it’s not so. People move on, people move away, people pass away. Opportunities are given; sometimes they are enjoyed, sometimes they are missed… but there is always an end to them. Maybe it’s a little more tangible with our older loved ones, but life offers no guarantees…

All the people we love, all the moments we get to share with them… they are precious. As Frederick Buechner says, “if you were aware of how precious [today] is, you could scarcely live through it. Unless you are aware of how precious it is, you can hardly be said to be living at all.”

In all the hectic rush and stresses that often accompany these next few weeks, my prayer for you would be that, more than anything, you are rich in moments and memories and people. May your heart be full, and may the people you love know it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I Would Die For That

Someone sent me the link to this video recently...I have several friends who have recently lost pregnancies or have not yet been able to conceive...this video makes me think of them...

I don't understand why God chooses not to bless some couples with children who want them so much...but He does...

I don't understand why God chose to make Eric and I parents so soon after we got married...but He does...

I pray that we will be faithful to be Godly parents to our daughter. We don't have the strength to do it...but He does...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Baby Bedding

Which ones do you like? Ebay is definitely the way to go for crib sets...Just trying to narrow down which one I like best... The first one is my favorite so far.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Baby News!!

Hi! Yes, I know I have been a terrible blogger by not updating this page...I will try to do better from now on...I promise! :) (I am posting several updates read down several posts to catch all the news)

I thought I would start with the most life changing news we've got to share...we're having a baby GIRL!! We had an ultrasound on Tuesday afternoon (11/6) and baby Nelken is most definitely a girl...we were both so surprised...When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought it was a girl but as the months went by I became convinced it was a boy. I am so excited to know what we are having makes this all seem much more real. I can stop saying he/she every time I talk about the baby and (my favorite) I can start shopping for baby girl items, haha.

Everything looked good at the drs appt, but I do have to have a repeat ultrasound at my next appt in Dec because they weren't able to clearly see the baby swallow. The doc said she doesn't think its anything to worry about--they just weren't able to see clearly because of the way the baby was turned, so for now, I'm just thankful everything else looked great and sorta excited that now I get another chance to see the baby on next visit. :) I am definitely feeling the baby move regularly now. Its such a strange sensation. Kinda feels like little muscle twitches or like someone is tapping on my stomach from the inside out..(which now that I think about it--that is exactly what is happening!)

Here's a picture from Tuesday's ultrasound...Its of her face (looking towards us) and upper body...I'm also posting one from our first ultrasound back in August...she has definitely grown...according to the dr she weighs a little over one pound now and is still on schedule to make her debut into the world in early March 2008...only around 17 more weeks to go!

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile."

There are many things I love about living here in the of which is that I get to really experience all four seasons. Right now, we are in the middle of one of my favorite...Fall!

While it has been below freezing most mornings this week and returns to near freezing shortly after the afternoons it has been gorgeous weather. The leaves have been a few weeks late in changing so right now everything is at its peak fall beauty. Today during lunch I drove a few miles out on Hwy 129 north of Clarkesville to enjoy the scenery. Here are a couple of pics from my drive/walk by the Soque River.

"How beautifully the leaves grow old. How full of light and color their last days."
-- Author:John Burroughs

Apples and Pumpkins

Here's a recap on some of our other fall traditions we've started...

Last year Eric and I took Sarabeth and Jamie Gant, two of my favorite kids in the world (and our flowergirls at the wedding) out to Burts Pumpkin Farm for a hayride and to pick some pumpkins...We had such a good time last year...and enjoyed cooking all sorts of pumpkin treats for weeks afterwards, we decided to go back this year (but without the girls). Afterwards we also drove up to Ellijay hoping to get some 'pick your own' apples but the 'pick your own' season was apparently pretty short this year because of the late freeze last spring...but we were able to pick up a couple of bags of apples. Eric can cook some awesome apple pies...and I love to eat them (I mean, I am eating for two now, right...? just kidding)

We also picked up a pumpkin to bring back to carve...believe it or not, before this year, I had never carved a pumpkin in my life...! This year, I did chicken out and go with one of the simplest patterns in the book...but I think he turned out pretty cute..Next year, I think I'll be more daring with my carving creation...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, its almost time for me to get off the computer and head home--but before I left, I wanted to add some pictures from the last few months...

Enjoy the slideshow...leave comments...otherwise I have no idea if anybody is actually reading this thing! :)

Monday, October 1, 2007