Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31st, 2008

Happy Reformation Day...!

Walmart was totally sold out of their 16th century saint outfits we went with a pumpkin theme instead... :)

Her 'scary' faces....

Not quite sure what I think about this result?!

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Free genealogy - Antique photos

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here, there and everywhere...

We've been busy the last few weeks...Two weeks ago Friday, we closed on our house...we had to drive down to Atlanta to the attorney's office then back to Demorest to pick up Laura and then we headed south to Eastman. Saturday we had a Tucker family reunion in Statesboro. We had a great time. Laura got to meet several of her great-aunts and some new cousins too!

While we were in Eastman, Uncle Cody tried to convert Laura into a Tech fan...

but I don't think it worked...Laura knows which school helps pay the bills in our family! :)

And finally we had to leave my parents house come back home...

I didn't stay away too long sister Amy (in the picture above) had to have surgery at the Medical Center in Macon on Tuesday. She has some heart problems and has had a pacemaker since she was 18. When she went for a checkup a few days before they discovered one of the 'leads' from the pacemaker to her heart was broken...This is the second time its happened.

Oh, and guess what...based on the computer read-out of the broke when she was up here visiting us for July 4th...maybe one of the fireworks at Stone Mt was too loud?! :)

She had her lead-revision on Tuesday and came through the surgery really well. I met my family and Cody's family at the hospital for the day and drove back up here that was a long day, but I really wanted to be at the hospital! We love you Amy!!

This past weekend, my parents came to visit and help us get some more work done on the house. We are supposed to move in this weekend. If anybody doesn't have anything else to do this weekend...we could use some manual labor on Saturday! The hardwood went down last week, the carpet is being installed today and the painting should be done by Thursday...if all goes well, we will be all moved in over the weekend! I will try to post some pictures soon...there has been quite the transformation over the last two weeks!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Milk Drunk...

What can I say...she loves her bottle! :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Laura had her first 'arts and crafts' time at school yesterday...

Budding artist in the making...

(Its a handprint leaf, in case you were wondering :) )

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday!

No. Its not Laura's birthday, although that seems to be approaching fast have 7 months already gone by??

But...Oct 1st is the 'birthday' of my blog!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Getting started

Hi...Test post

Yep, that was it, inspiring wasn't it? And now, one year and 45 posts later, I can definitely say I have come a long way with my 'blogging' skills! This past year has seen many changes...can't wait to see what blog stories the next year will create! :)

Movin' on up....

We are moving again...

In the past 8 years since I moved out of my parents house to start my junior year at Brewton-Parker College...I have lived in 7 different houses/apartments, 5 different towns, and 4 counties in the great state of GA.

Now, maybe...just maybe...barring the complete collapse of the US economy...I will have a house to call my own in just 8 short days! :)

I put off posting anything earlier because I know from others experience that sometimes things can fall apart during the homebuying process even when you think its a done deal...but with our closing date just over one week away...I thought it was safe to announce that we are buying a house!

We have been debating buying a house since before we got married and there were always reasons we shouldn't buy at that moment...most of you know we hope to go to seminary in the future and we kept putting off buying a house because we thought we were going to be moving again soon...We really debated and prayed about the issue for the past few months, and we have decided that now is not the right time for us to move off to Wake Forest (or New Orleans :) ) So much has happened so fast in our lives the last two years and I really think God was showing me that its okay to breathe...relax...and that its okay to grow, serve and just enjoy where we are right now and not get so caught up in moving onto that 'next step' immediately...I am not always the most patient person...when I think I know what the next step should be...I want to do it NOW...and not wait for the doors to open for us...I'd rather find an unlocked window and crawl in my own way! So...for now, we are moving...but staying here at the same time. And I am okay with it...I think!

I am very excited about moving into the house...we got a great deal. It was a foreclosure (3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath with a finished basement on .75 acres) that has been on the market for a few months and we negotiated with the bank for a while but finally we agreed on a price and it has enabled us to be able to make a few changes and upgrades before we move in...The previous owners had apparently taken a sponge painting class at Lowe's or something and went crazy inside with the needless to say, that's coming down...She had even sponge-painted the garage...It was creative, i suppose.

So we should close on the house next Friday and then the next two weeks should have all the flooring replaced and the house repainted and at the latest we should be all moved in by the end of October. Yipee! Now for the not so fun part...packing.