Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas 2008

Because Eric and I both work for universities, we are blessed to have a generous amount of time off during Christmas/New Years. This year we left work on Dec 19th and didn't return until January 5th! It was a much much needed break! We spent one week visiting both of our families and celebrating Christmas. We then came back and had a full week to work and rest at home.

I am several weeks late writing this update about Christmas so I don't really remember a lot of the I think I'm just going to have to make comments on the pictures as I go! I have realized I actually didn't take a lot of pictures at either house...I think I was too busy chasing Laura. I still need to get pictures from the grandparents cameras!

Laura and her best 'snow'friend...She loved these little snowmen I had out in the living room...every night she would crawl over and 'talk' to Mrs. Snowman :)

Christmas in Augusta with Eric's family....
Funny story...Laura figured out how to clap sometime in December...After our Christmas dinner, Eric asked Laura if she wanted to open presents that night, instead of in the morning, to clap 4 times....Right on cue, she clapped one, two, three, four times...I know it was totally coincidence but it was still hilarious...She got her wish and we opened presents before bed. :)
Christmas in Eastman

I am really lacking in my pictures for Christmas with my family...Mama, I need you to send me the pics from your camera--Amy, I want yours too! :) As soon as I get pictures from them, I will blog about our Christmas celebrations in Eastman....

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