Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6 Month Drs appts

EDITED TO ADD: If you click on the last picture of Laura with her hands in the can actually SEE a mosquito biting her on her hand...!! She has a nice little bump there now :( What exactly was God's purpose in creating those little creatures??

Laura had her 6 month appt today. She weighed 15lbs 8oz...which is a pound and a half more than she weighed at 5 she is finally starting to put on a little weight!

She is at exactly 50% for weight on the growth chart and was she was 27 inches long (93%, i think), so just like always...she is long and thin! This has created some problems with knowing what clothes to keep out for her to wear...she still wears mainly 3-6 month in 'outfits', 6-9 in sleepers (and if they have feet...some of them are almost too small) and on Tuesday, she wore a pair of 0-3 shorts that fit just fine...! I never know what will fit from one day to the next...

It was so much cooler here today...I love when it drops into the 60's and 70 degree range! Laura and I tried to spend some time outside this afternoon..but apparently the mosquitoes decided it was a nice night to be out too... :(

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend 2008

Well, we stayed pretty busy during Labor Day weekend...Saturday Eric was working at the church for Deejay and Meghan's wedding so Laura and I tagged along and hung out upstairs in the video room. They had a beautiful wedding and she was a beautiful bride! One of Eric's college friends, Leslie was also there and Eric was a proud daddy showing Laura off. :) Playing on a blanket in the video room before the wedding

Saturday evening we went furniture shopping in Gainesville. We finally had enough in our 'furniture savings' fund to buy some new living room furniture. I've been looking for a few months and finally found a set I liked...We ended up buying the set at the Clarkesville Mill. Their price was almost $400 less than the price for the same furniture at the other stores and what I could find online. They were definitely the best deal. I took this picture with my phone right after we got them inside the house so its not the best, but gives you a general idea...In the picture it looks sorta grey, but really they are a dark brown and blue.

Saturday night, we met up with my brother Chris and some old friends from Eastman. Concord Baptist in Clermont has a Labor Day celebration every year and they use a company from Eastman for all of their A/V stuff for the outdoor concerts. Chris comes up each year to help them do the show...We had a good time visiting with Ed and his wife Angie. Their little girl Isabella is growing up! She is two and was very curious about Laura. :)

Laura also got a nice present from Uncle Chris and Jennifer...Eric and I say 'Thank You' for the gift...Laura says, "Thank You" for the bag... :)
Sunday night we went to Concord for a few hours for the festival. It was hot but we had a good time visiting the booths and listening to the music.

And finally, Monday we slept in late..even Laura didn't wake up til 9:00am!! Glory Hallelujah! We picked up our furniture and overall just had a nice relaxing 'rest from labor' day...

PS...two years ago, Labor Day 2006, Eric and I got engaged, so this is one of my favorite holidays! :)