Friday, November 9, 2007

Baby News!!

Hi! Yes, I know I have been a terrible blogger by not updating this page...I will try to do better from now on...I promise! :) (I am posting several updates read down several posts to catch all the news)

I thought I would start with the most life changing news we've got to share...we're having a baby GIRL!! We had an ultrasound on Tuesday afternoon (11/6) and baby Nelken is most definitely a girl...we were both so surprised...When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought it was a girl but as the months went by I became convinced it was a boy. I am so excited to know what we are having makes this all seem much more real. I can stop saying he/she every time I talk about the baby and (my favorite) I can start shopping for baby girl items, haha.

Everything looked good at the drs appt, but I do have to have a repeat ultrasound at my next appt in Dec because they weren't able to clearly see the baby swallow. The doc said she doesn't think its anything to worry about--they just weren't able to see clearly because of the way the baby was turned, so for now, I'm just thankful everything else looked great and sorta excited that now I get another chance to see the baby on next visit. :) I am definitely feeling the baby move regularly now. Its such a strange sensation. Kinda feels like little muscle twitches or like someone is tapping on my stomach from the inside out..(which now that I think about it--that is exactly what is happening!)

Here's a picture from Tuesday's ultrasound...Its of her face (looking towards us) and upper body...I'm also posting one from our first ultrasound back in August...she has definitely grown...according to the dr she weighs a little over one pound now and is still on schedule to make her debut into the world in early March 2008...only around 17 more weeks to go!

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glad to see you are finally using your blogspot! ;) hope you are feeling well--it's hard to believe you are over half way finished!