Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's been quiet...

Okay, slight blogging break is over... :) The last two weeks have been fairly uneventful...except for a week or so where I thought my head was going to explode...they still aren't really sure what happened...it was either viral meningitis (two failed spinal tap attempts---ouch---so they couldn't get a definite diagnosis) or a 5 day massive migraine (I've never had a migraine before---but the docs said that if it was a migraine, I will definitely have another one..yippe... :( ) The CT scan did confirm I have a brain though (in case anyone had questioned that before)! I was a pretty sick girl for a week or so...but eventually after a half-dozen super-duper painkillers and antibiotics--I finally recovered. During this time, Laura spent her first night away from home...The Gants graciously volunteered to keep Laura while we were in the hospital one of the nights. Thank you! My parents ended up coming back up to help take care of the baby...since Eric was mainly taking care of me (and trying to work a couple of days as well). Of course, even with my exploding head...I still managed to take a couple of pictures :)

On the 7th...I turned 29 years old...! I was still feeling pretty rough...so it was most likely one of my worst birthdays....in comparison, turning 30 next year should be a blast! :) Eric and I did venture down to Gainesville to pick up my Birthday present...I got a video camera! I was quite excited...but of course that means that my blog readers will also be subjected to lots of Laura video :)

Other than all that...life has been fairly quiet...that is good! I aan't believe its almost Thanksgiving and Christmas again--this year has flown by!

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Mama said...

You and Eric have to plan for calmer birthdays. You gave birth on his birthday...and your birthday was no picnic either! My prayer is that the headache never returns. I do recommend 2:00 A.M. travel to North GA only if you have slept beforehand! So glad we could come help out. I love you! Mama