Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here, there and everywhere...

We've been busy the last few weeks...Two weeks ago Friday, we closed on our house...we had to drive down to Atlanta to the attorney's office then back to Demorest to pick up Laura and then we headed south to Eastman. Saturday we had a Tucker family reunion in Statesboro. We had a great time. Laura got to meet several of her great-aunts and some new cousins too!

While we were in Eastman, Uncle Cody tried to convert Laura into a Tech fan...

but I don't think it worked...Laura knows which school helps pay the bills in our family! :)

And finally we had to leave my parents house come back home...

I didn't stay away too long though...my sister Amy (in the picture above) had to have surgery at the Medical Center in Macon on Tuesday. She has some heart problems and has had a pacemaker since she was 18. When she went for a checkup a few days before they discovered one of the 'leads' from the pacemaker to her heart was broken...This is the second time its happened.

Oh, and guess what...based on the computer read-out of the pacemaker...it broke when she was up here visiting us for July 4th...maybe one of the fireworks at Stone Mt was too loud?! :)

She had her lead-revision on Tuesday and came through the surgery really well. I met my family and Cody's family at the hospital for the day and drove back up here that evening...it was a long day, but I really wanted to be at the hospital! We love you Amy!!

This past weekend, my parents came to visit and help us get some more work done on the house. We are supposed to move in this weekend. If anybody doesn't have anything else to do this weekend...we could use some manual labor on Saturday! The hardwood went down last week, the carpet is being installed today and the painting should be done by Thursday...if all goes well, we will be all moved in over the weekend! I will try to post some pictures soon...there has been quite the transformation over the last two weeks!

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