Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's been quiet...

Hmm...its been almost two weeks since I've posted blog is developing cobwebs... :)

But really, things have been pretty slow around here lately. We've had two weekends with no company visiting. My ten year high school reunion came and went...We didn't make it down to Eastman to go. Originally, Eric was supposed to be working at a wedding so we had already planned not to go. The wedding ended up being called off...but I still never ordered tickets. It worked out for the best though because Laura and Eric both had a little bit of a stomach bug that was going around that weekend. They would not have been the best traveling companions for the trip down...! In hindsight, I wish we would have made more of an effort to go, but oh well...there's always the 20 year. :) Thanks to the wonders of the internet, most of the folks I care to get an update on I keep in touch with already anyway.

Well, its rather humid, dreary and rainy here this afternoon so I'm just not really inspired to write much more...The remnants of Fay have soaked us pretty good the past few days. Our house now has its own moat. :)

And of course, I can't post an entry without here's a few from the past two weeks...Enjoy! :)

Storytime with Daddy
Grapes and Figs from our backyard...if you want some, let me know...we have plenty of both to share! :)

Playtime in the Jungle Jumperoo
Laura and her new book...

Chewing is my new favorite activity

Our sleeping beauty...

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Misti said...

I love the close up pic!! That's great!!